"Once we have completely eradicated our delusions it will be utterly impossible for us to experience unpeaceful states of mind." Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Surf the web.

I suppose you could say, I'm a bit of an internet freak. I really like it. Some people watch hours of television or play video games until dawn, but for me, there's no place like the 'net. I became aware of my involvement, if you will, when I was given a limit on the amount of my data consumption, living in Australia last year. For those of us living in North America, unlimited internet has become the norm, therefore I had never even thought anything of it! But for reasons unbeknownst to me, these limitations exist.

Sometimes people ask me how I "find" certain things online, because I do have a knack for discovering some great websites. The inquiries make me realize that not everyone uses the internet in the same way I do. The phrase "surf the web" originated in the 90's, and basically means browsing online, which was a huge phenomenon when the internet was first introduced. When I think about people's internet habits now, I am under the impression that the majority of people stick to browsing the same websites they always visit, and unless they're "Googling" something specific, they rarely go off-roading. What do you think? Has the concept of "surfing" become less popular? Perhaps people just forget the massive capacity of our beloved internet and therefore do not take advantage of all of the amazing resources, educational materials and general information that is completely at our disposal. Unlike while watching television, when you go online, you have complete control of the content that you consume! So why is watching television still so prevalent? Is it because surfing online requires effort and constant engagement, whereas television requires none at all?

I have been a big fan of blogs for quite some time now and love the fact that everyday people can become so impactful, by reaching such masses with the internet as their platform. With all of the inspirational, intelligent and hilarious bloggers out there, I am always quite surprised when I ask people if they have heard of so-and-so's blog and they respond by saying that they don't really know of any blogs at all! Wherever your interests lie, whether it's fitness, food, fashion or politics, there are blogs dedicated for pretty much anything and everything! When I discovered the website Bloglovin', let's just say, my weekly internet usage may have skyrocketed. Basically, it's a hub for blogs, which individuals can search based on their interests for blogs that might appeal to them, and then click through all of the new posts for specific blogs that strike their fancy. Somewhat difficult to explain, I highly recommend you check it out for yourself, by clicking here. Let me know if you find a site you love! Some of my favourite blogs are Oh She Glows, This Rawsome Vegan Life, Healthy Happy Life (all vegan cooking), Gala Darling, The Blonde Salad, The Daybook and Man Repeller. Additionally, if you're into vegan blogs, there is an amazing vegan bloggers hub called Finding Vegan, that I highly recommend you checking out! Food gawker is another, but is not limited to vegan dishes. Have a look!

Getting back to finding really great stuff online, there are such things as discovery engines which make maneuvering through material online, that much easier. A site that I use quite frequently is called Stumble Upon, which is one of the most popular of its type. To check it out, click here! Another is Pinterest, focusing more on pictures than on specific websites, which is always aesthetically pleasing!

Do you have any specific sites you use to get lost online? Or do you prefer to stick to sites you know and that pretty much sums up your online usage?

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