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Monday, February 3, 2014

Fact vs. fiction and financial resolutions and cool links.

Wow, has January really come and gone? A little late, but did you make some resolutions?

Instead of making some firm decisions, I took more of a relaxed approach to NY reso's this year. I'm opting to reduce the amount of fiction that I read and watch; I feel like there are copious amounts of biographies and documentaries that I want to ingest, and historical events that I want to learn about that watching anything fake is mostly just a waste of time. Sure, it may stimulate some creative juices, but I also feel like it contributes to my perhaps unrealistic and unattainable ideals regarding all aspects of life? Especially when it comes to prospects of romantic partners (like Edward -- straight up could never exist, and the perfect combo of smart/sexy/sensitive, who is Mike Ross from Suits -- fictional character, and every single Nicholas Sparks book ever written -- fake, fake, fake, but damn compelling male protagonists!!), and what relationships look like in general. What do you think? Have you ever considered stifling the amount of fiction you consume, and replacing it with more non-fiction information instead?

A popular topic people consider when making resolutions is their financial situation. I decided to cash in my RRSP's and put them towards my remaining student debt. Some people would question this decision, as you have to pay taxes on the money you take out, however regardless of when you withdraw that money, you'll have to pay taxes eventually (and depending on the amount, the percentage changes). So, I had to figure out whether my monthly payments were more than the amount of interest I was collecting. And that answer was yes. In fact anytime you have a savings account and also have some sort of debt whether it's a credit card, line of credit or student loan, it's almost always in your best financial interest to drain your savings account and put that money towards your debt. Sounds like common sense, right? But I have heard many people talk about their long terms savings account when I know that they also have a student loan… I would advise you to do the math.

After my month+ blogging hiatus, I thought I'd quickly share some of my favourite internet finds as of late. Enjoy!
  • I'm slightly obsessed with PINK lately.. maybe because her bod is rock solid, or now that my hair is short I'm forever Googling how to style it, or that she has some amazing songs like "just like a pill" and "just give me a reason" and "sober" and "try"… but probably because I think she's a fine example of female empowerment and fearlessness. Also, she's really funny. Check out her acceptance speech when she won Billboard's Woman of the Year!
  • 10 Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt... makes me want to wear a maxi skirt…
  • This is such a great collection of music videos from the 90's! And the very first song is one of my all-time favourites by the Counting Crows, which I recall like it was yesterday, sitting in my dad's truck and singing as loud as I possibly could, with the back up band of my siblings. 
  • This is such a great video of 100 years of fashion!
  • I've been meaning to make this soup for a while now.. it's from one of my favourite vegan bloggers and is featured on a really cool sort of online magazine website, called The Chalkboard. 
  • Damn, this is thought-provoking! 40 Questions Everyone is Afraid to Ask…
  • If the fact that there are 20+ funny moment videos of Jennifer Lawrence isn't testament to her complete hilarity, I don't know what is! Here's #21!

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