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Sunday, November 24, 2013

American Music Awards >ReCap>

This is an Emily ramble:

How you doin'? Did you watch the American Music Awards (AMAs) tonight? Do you even care about the awards? Even one slightest bit? If not, I'm suggesting you move on from this post…

I did, and do. Actually... I'm watching them right now. Firstly, I really like Taylor Swift's new haircut and style. It's a lot more edgy with more layers than it has been in the past. Here's a re-cap of TS at the AMAs from 2010-2013 just for fun… I wonder what colour she's going to wear to the 2014 AMAs :P

I couldn't help but notice the fun-loving relationship it appears that JT and TS have.. which is interesting because I distinctly remember them meeting on The Ellen Show in 2008 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlOIDOmPZQI), when Taylor admitted that he was her musical crush! Speaking of Ellen… I'm a huge fan to the extent that when I first discovered her show when I was in high school, I faked sick for a week straight, just so that I could watch it! Here's a funny few clips from her show that, if you're a fan too, you'll probably get a kick out of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/the-35-greatest-moments-ever-on-the-ellen-show-6z51

I loved Imagine Dragons, and One Direction were pretty great too. It shows that they're still rookies, even with all of this new fame. 

Lady Gaga was pretty badass; I was worrying that she was going to fall off of the presidential desk! It's nice to see some humour and more of a "story" from the performance, instead of simply relying on skin-baring and eccentric outfits. Also, nice, umm, man-horse entrance? (http://www.justjared.com/2013/11/24/lady-gaga-rides-horse-on-amas-2013-red-carpet/)

It's a big uproar as to who will be most shocking tonight, and of course the competition is between Gaga and Miley! I can't help it… but I'm pretty tuned in to how Miley's career is unfolding and her fashion choices, which I've actually been into lately. Here's what InStyle deems as her "best": http://www.instyle.com/instyle/package/general/photos/0,,20696519_20759200_30057609,00.html

I was disappointed with Katy Perry's kickoff performance. Usually her vocals are spot on, however tonight, her Geisha inspired outfit completely outshines her voice and she fell flat. This was one of my favourite stripped down performances of hers at the 2011 AMAs. Amaze-balls…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6wutZEvpNY

TLC... pretty cool, sounds exactly like the studio recording from 1994? 1995? I think the song was on one of the "NOW" albums. Next. 

I was a bit, mm, confused with the delivery of Rihanna's Icon award, more specifically, with the fact that it was her mother who presented it to her. I caught the highlights of the CMAs a  week or two ago, and there was TS receiving the Pinnacle award, with like 10 presenters on stage, including Faith and husband, Keith Urban, George Strait etc… and here's poor Rihanna with one official presenter, Jay-Z, and he just "phones it in", in all aspects of that expression! My thought process was like, so Jay couldn't actually make it in body, he sends his best and the AMA team thought, well, next best - Rihanna's mom?? Like, I'm sure she's a wonderful lady and everything, but I sort of feel bad for Rihanna, seeming that nobody else wanted to step up to the plate to hand her this supposedly prestigious award. You'd think if she was so important, SOMEONE else would want to do it, no? Anyways...

Ooooh so Miley is on now... she's switching up the pitch/ of Wrecking Ball a tad I notice… kitty cat background, leopard, nope, kitty print umm, outfit. Coo. 

Dun dun dun, TSwiz wins Artist of the Year. What else is new? Her acceptance speech(es) was quite great, she's such a pro, and yet she has such a beautiful way of appearing genuine. Aweeee. 

For a complete list of tonight's winners: